Monday, November 17, 2008

Sigma Kappa

Last Sunday, November 9th,  I went to the University of Maryland campus to attend a Sigma Kappa Founder's Day celebration.  Happy 134th birthday SK!  

This was quite an amazing event.  The brunch was attended by approximately 300 women, comprised of the collegiate SK chapters of University of Maryland, University of Delaware and George Washington University as well as the alumna chapters of North Virginia and Washington DC.  I was invited by a friend whom I have met here who is a SK alumna from Texas Christian University.  I was really overwhelmed to say the least.  It has been so many years since I have attended a SK event let alone being in a room with more than 300 sisters!!

I had a few laughs as I was watching the girls arrive.  Audrey and I had arrived early so we were sitting outside the hall.  Hearing all the heals and chatter instantly brought me back to the sorority days.  Even 11 years after graduating you are instantly brought back.  The collegiate's speeches also made me chuckle.  They were full of inside jokes and crazy house stories.  The faces were different but I could see my fellow Alpha Phi (UO) Sigmas in these girls.  There was at least one Remi and one Traci Ryan!!  

I only knew one woman at the event and yet it all seemed so familiar.  I felt thoroughly welcomed even though I was sorely underdressed (no formal attire with me).  Audrey loved the chance to entertain a room full of women.  She was the only little one there and was a huge hit.  Especially when she enthusiastically clapped for everything!!

Going to this event has inspired me to check out the Portland alumna chapter after all these years.  I get invited to everything and have yet to attend.  I will have to check into it when I get back.

In Sigma,

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I wanted to share a few pictures from our Halloween adventures.  The first few are from Portland.  We were invited to my nephew's elementary school harvest party.  We didn't have Audrey's costume with us but we were able to borrow one of Noah's old costumes.  I thought she made an adorable Tigger...

We are back in DC and Audrey was all ready to show off her sweet little bee self..

And here is a great shot from our Baby Boot Camp Halloween celebration

To add to the fun Halloween festivities we have been hosting four of Jimmy's law school buddies.  I love these guys and it has been so great to see them again.  Tim P. came all the way from London, Tim R from Kansas City, and Luis and Paul came down from NYC.  We have rented a car for the weekend and Audrey and I have had two days of adventures picking guys up in Baltimore (BWI).  Yesterday she greeted Tim R. in her Bee costume.  Once everyone made it to town we stopped into a bar for happy hour.  I think Audrey definitely won for best costume.  We left the boys to play in Dupont Circle and headed home.  It was so cute this morning to walk out and see four grown men sleeping on little mats in our little living room.  We all went to watch the duck game at the UO Alumni bar in Virginia.  Audrey are now back for a quiet girls' night in.  The boys have elected to rent a hotel room in district.  I can't blame them.  We only have one bathroom after all.  Hopefully we will all meet up again tomorrow before they start their travels home.  

Take care and I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.