Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well today is certainly an exciting day to live near DC.  It is VERY cold here and I have elected to stick close to home with my Sister-in-law and nephew and am watching all the festivities on TV from the comfort of our living room.  Jimmy on the other hand decided it was very important for him to share this historic day with his daughter so we bundled her up and attached her to daddy and they headed out to brave the masses and make their way into the district.  I am nervous but supportive of his desire to share this day with her.  I am sure he will tell her about it for many years to come.  It took me awhile to warm up to the idea, but I am okay with it now.

Last night Jimmy, Christa and I attended the South Carolina Society Pre-Inaugural Ball!   I am so glad that I have a SIL who is well connected I doubt I will ever get to experience such an event again.  It was held at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum on the Mall near the Capitol.  We rode the Metro in our formal attire and was happy to see many other tuxes and dresses.  Now that is something you don't see everyday.  

Christa is good friends with one of the organizers so we got the first class treatment.  We were even invited into the VIP are for a bit.  I felt so important.  Christa and I were stopped by a photographer and asked if we would like to be photographed for The State newspaper.  We of course agreed, Christa checked the website first thing this morning and sure enough we made it!  Here is the link (I think we are about the 40th picture): http://www.thestate.com/slideshows/gallery/656683.html#http://media.thestate.com/smedia/2009/01/20/02/231-spotted0057.standalone.prod_affiliate.74.JPG 

Now for some of our pictures...enjoy!