Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Alexandria, VA

Sunday, the family decided to do a bit more area exploring, so we headed off on metro to check out Alexandria, Virginia.  Alexandria has a fun
Old Town area with a variety of shops and restaurants, some chains, some independent.  It also had a waterfront area that like any good touristy area, had its share of cheesy street performers and people-watchers.  Audrey loved the parrots that were on display...she also loved the pigeons.  I guess she is a bird-lover.

Well summer is officially over, how sad.  To drive that point, the condo management decided to close the pool for the season.  The forecast calls for 90+ degree heat this coming week so I am a bit disappointed.  Jimmy got home from work pretty early (6pm or so) yesterday evening so we decided to take one last dip.  

Bye bye cool pool...

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