Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Boot Camp...Maryland Style

Baby Boot Camp  is a workout program for moms (and dads in some locations) where your stroller-bound child(ren) is incorporated into an incredible workout.  It is also a place to meet great friends and find the motivation and inspiration to do something for yourself (most moms I know put that at the bottom of their to-do lists).  I have been a member and routinely attending classes in Portland since January.  Having a sweet little girl who for the most part refuses to sleep, I needed something to get my energy up and find a way to build strength to combat my overall exhaustion.  

When we decided to make the trek to DC I knew I had to find something equivalent to the BBC classes I love at home.  To my delight I found out there was a franchise here in Maryland!  The closest class is at a local mall just one metro stop away.  

Audrey and I went to our first class last Thursday and although smaller than the Beaverton classes, it still has all the same elements, cardio, strenghth and core training, great instructors and some awesome moms.  So far I have been attending the Thursday and Friday classes at the mall.  Starting in September there will be four classes a week at the location.  

One unique thing is that after class, the instructors have started a tradition of going to the Borders (in the mall) grabbing a coffee and sitting in the children's area so we can all chat and the kiddos can have some fun time together.  This has given me even more opportunity to get to know some very cool moms.  I am so happy to have BBC.  As much as I miss my Portland workout buddies/instructors, I have found a very familiar activity that makes both Audrey and me feel at home.

Hanging out at Borders with some BBC moms

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Jess said...

I'm so glad you've found something that echoes part of life in Portland!