Sunday, August 31, 2008

Go Ducks!!!

Today is a happy day.  We watched the first Duck game from Maryland.  It was so hard to see Autzen and not be there, but the Ducks did not disappoint us 44-10...I would call that a good start to the season.  

We showed our Duck pride all day yesterday.  We went to the local mall, and then traveled up to check out Rockville, MD (the next city north of us).  Rockville Town Square was very cool.  Lots of shops and restaurants; mixed use housing and retail.   You can tell it is a brand new area.  It would be a cool place to live, much more pedestrian friendly, but I am still happy with our area as well.  It is only one metro stop north, so we can certainly visit whenever we want.  

One cool point yesterday, was while in a Rockville Starbucks and young woman came up to me and asked if I went to UO (I was pretty "Ducked" out so I thought the question was a bit funny), alas, I said yes, and she said that she was heading to UO in a couple of weeks to start her freshman year.  "That's awesome", I said..."Go Ducks!!!"  

To all of our Oregon buds...Thanks for cheering our Ducks on to victory... I hope you heard our cheers all the way from the east coast.


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