Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mr. Knick Knack and The Dodgers

Today we attended a performance by Mr. Knick Knack a local children's performer at a nearby mall.  He was a great entertainer and Audrey had a ball watching all the big kids dance.  She even attempted some of her own dance moves.  She clapped right along with the crowd and was full of smiles.  Apparently, Mr. Knick Knack has shows once a month at the mall, so I am sure we will become frequent audience members.


Last night Jimmy and I took Audrey to her first MLB game.  The Nationals were hosting the Dodgers so we thought it was a perfect time to check out the local ball park.  The Nationals have a beautiful new stadium and the hotdogs, although not quite Dodger Dog level, were tasty. Audrey seemed to enjoy the lights and all the people.  She did a good job entertaining the crowd.  Lots of peek-a-boo and smiles with the nearby fans.

Our seats were along the third base line, so we had a good view of Manny Ramirez.  That was a pretty cool bonus!


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Ayelet said...

Looks like fun :) I am so jealous that you went to a baseball game!!